Guidance Counsellors support students though

  • Academic advising and programming
  • Counselling support
  • Post secondary planning
  • Individual Pathway Plans
  • Collaboration and coordination of resources within the school community
  • Consultations with students, parents, teachers, support staff and administrators


Book an Appointment with a Guidance Counsellor

Counsellors can be reached by calling the school at 519-452-2770 and then dialing their extension or by clicking on the appropriate counsellor's name to schedule an appointment.  Appointments are available, for Saunders' students and parents, up to five days in advance and new appointments open up each morning.  If you cannot find an available time slot please check back tomorrow.  Note that appoinments cannot be booked more than five days in advance.  

Counsellor Mr. D. Usprich  Ms. L. Pryce-Arciszewski Ms. K. Wilton-Duffy Ms. B. John   

  Ms. K. Bruff 

Phone Extension 62075 62048 62044 62046


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