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Guidance Counsellors support students though:

  • Academic advising and programming
  • Counselling support
  • Post secondary planning
  • Individual Pathway Plans
  • Collaboration and coordination of resources within the school community
  • Consultations with students, parents, teachers, support staff and administration 


         **Counsellors can be reached by 1) Hovering over the email address below - OR - 

                                                                     2) Phoning the school at 519-452-2770, dial 9, then the extension below


 ** GUIDANCE Appointments will be available starting September 28th. We are STRONGLY encouraging remote meetings (by phone or video conferencing) when you are on your home learning days **    



Ms. Roth (

Ms. K. Wilton (

Ms. Kudelka (  

 Mr. Usprich (

Phone Extension 62044  62048  62046 


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