Special Education (Resource)


All students in our schools, regardless of background or ability, will have the opportunity to develop the skills, attitudes and knowledge required to live up to their full potential.

To help ensure that students needs are met, we offer various special education programs ranging from additional support offered to students in their home school (often through "Itinerant" programs where specialists come to the student's home school) to special self-contained or "congregated" classes that provide a higher level of intense support to the student.

We're here to help. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please call a member of our Special Education Department.

Saunders Procedures for Students on IEP:

Students or Parents may contact a Resource Counsellor to review a student's academic progress to determine if a student would benefit from tutoring, or direct instructional assistance with organization, note-taking, or study skill development. The counsellor will seek a resource teacher's advice and the parent contacted with Student Service's opinion as well as the avenues to be pursued. A Program Development Team meeting and a School Team meeting are likely directions if there appears to be a significant discrepancy between the student's potential and his/her performance. The student's OSR is reviewed to determine academic, attendance, behavioural and emotional patterns that might suggest the student's strengths, barriers, supports and strategies for improvement.


Saunders Resource Program and GLS101/201 Courses:


Saunders Resource program is available to students on Individual Education Plans (IEP's) if there is seat capacity and if the recommendation from previous schools is confirmed by Saunders Special Education staff. All IEP students are monitored regularly by appointments and individual feedback from teachers. Where qualifying students are found to be having difficulty with their scheduled courses, withdrawal for part or all of a class is considered with parent and student input.

Resource Counsellors:

Counsellors can be reached by calling the school at 519-452-2770 and then dialing their extension.

Counsellor  Mr. Emery   Ms. Faulkner   Ms. Dwyer 

 Ms. Luttmer
(Department Head)

Phone Extension 62041 62052 62047


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Making Appointments with a Resource Counsellors:

  1. Complete the top section of a green appointment slip in the guidance office. Remember to circle the appropriate counsellor's name.
  2. Place the completed slip in the mail slot of the appropriate counsellor.
  3. The resource counsellor will be in touch with you when he/she has scheduled an appointment.

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