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    Sabre Centre

    Click here for more information about Sabre Student Life.



    My big yellow bus

    Parent Teacher Interviews


    Parent Teacher Interviews will be held on March 29th 3:30-6:30pm.

    Find more details and sign up form here.

    Summer Employment Opportunity with London Police Services

    LONDON POLICE SERVICE SUMMER EMPLOYMENT: YIPI is a paid summer program for high school students from all cultures and backgrounds. Click here for more information.



    Size Chart


    All Grade 10 Students and students who were previously unsuccessful will be completing the OSSLT (Literacy Test) on a designated date between April 11th and April 21st. Students are to connect with their homeroom teacher for their specified date.


    This video will show students what to expect on the OSSLT.

    For practice and to familiarize students with format, tools and expectations, visit the Practice Test