Why Choose Saunders?

Saunders offers one of the most comprehensive selections of courses and programs in the Thames Valley District School Board. We have superb music, athletic and drama programs, as well as an incredible number of academic and technological courses. We invite students to become fully involved, to enjoy your education, and to share our pride in  Saunders!

Here are only 5 reasons why students choose Saunders.

Grade 9 STEM: Enrichment Program 

STEM is an acronym that refers to Science Technology Engineering and Math. The Saunders STEM program gives highly motivated Grade 9 students the opportunity to delve into 21st Century issues outside the confines of a traditional classroom. With the guidance of qualified teachers, students will simultaneously explore related topics by examining real-world issues through interdisciplinary project-based learning; they will identify the issues and topics that matter to them, and then they will conceive, design, and build potential solutions to these challenges. Civics and Careers will be integrated into these inquiries, allowing students to achieve extra credits.

More information is available about the Grade 9 STEM: Enrichment Program.

Grade 10 STEM: Enriched Science and Mathematics Emphasis

This course offers students the opportunity to explore topics in both mathematics and science through an interdisciplinary and collaborative project-based approach. Students will apply concepts from both math and science simultaneously to real-world applications in order to understand them. This will be followed by applying their understanding to identify problems and issues as well as possible solutions. This approach will provide an enriching opportunity for students to work on and further develop their skills as 21st century global citizens. Students completing Grade 10 STEM during first semester will be able to fast track by enrolling in Grade 11 University Prep Mathematics and/or a Grade 11 Senior Science during second semester.

More information is available about the Grade 10 STEM: Enriched Science and Mathematics Emphasis Program.

Enrichment Program

Saunders is the high school of choice for students seeking enrichment opportunities as they begin grade nine and continue throughout their secondary school studies. At every grade and in multiple modes, Saunders offers a full spectrum of program choices and inviting opportunities to go beyond what is offered in the traditional classroom. As well, because Saunders is a tech emphasis school, students who live in our tech area boundaries and express an interest in pursuing one of our many advanced technology courses can take advantage of transportation provided by TVDSB. Because Saunders is a large, composite high school, the breadth and variety of programming is far greater than what can be provided in a smaller, neighbourhood school.

More information is available about our Enrichment Program.

Technology to Support Rethink Secondary Learning (Chromebook) Pilot Project

Saunders is home of the Technology to Support Rethink Secondary Learning Pilot Project. Saunders was selected to participate in a two-year pilot project, starting in the 2017-2018 school year, in which grade 9 students are provided with a personal Chromebook for
 their educational use. A Chromebook is a computer which enables users to access web-
based applications. Under teacher direction, students will be provided with opportunities
to use web-based applications, where appropriate, to enhance their learning. Students
 may be familiar with such platforms as G Suite and its applications (Google Docs, Google 
Slides, Google Sheets, etc.) and how these cloud-based technologies can augment their 
learning anytime, anywhere. This project enables students to develop and take
advantage of skills already learned using G Suite to supplement their secondary school

For the 2018-2019 school year, again, incoming grade 9 students will be provied with their own personal Chromebook for their educational use. As we enter the second year of the pilot-project, half of the Saunders students population (approximately 900 students) will have been provided with personal Chromebooks.

Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM)

The Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) is a ministry approved program allowing students to focus their learning in a specific economic sector while meeting their requirements for the Ontario Secondary School Diploma. Students are able to customize their courses to suit their interests and talents while preparing for a sector specific apprenticeship, college, university, or workplace destination. Students will be required to complete specific subjects in a major focus area, and complete industry certification courses. Students can enroll in the program in their senior years after they have completed their grade 10 credit requirements.

More information is available about our Specialist High Skills Major Program.

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